How to celebrate World Senior Citizen Day over the world

World Senior Citizen Day How to celebrate over the world

The World Senior Citizen Day is celebrated on the 21st of August each year. Since 1998, World Senior Citizens Day is celebrated across various countries. World Senior Citizen Day is a special day when people worldwide celebrate the true spirit of elderly people. This day is marked by a grand celebration. It is a day for the grandchildren to make their grandparents and parents feel that how grateful they are for having such lovely elders. People make efforts to thank them for their great parenting, which has shaped up their life in such a beautiful way. 

Some of the examples of events held in recent years across the world are as follows:

How to celebrate World Senior Citizen Day over the world


World Senior Citizens Day is celebrated in Australia in the same way as in other countries around the globe. Taking opportunity from the occasion, people express gratitude for their love and affection for the elders and thank them for all their support and care.
World Senior Citizen Day

Though the occasion is celebrated in several clubs, households and societies take initiative to organize special programs to encourage and entertain people. Various types of games and activities are organized on the day as get-togethers to strengthen the bond of love with elderly people. Breakfast meeting for families is a common feature of Senior Citizens Day celebration in Australia.


Taking full opportunity of the day, people honor their elders and express gratitude and affection for them. Similar to many other countries, people indulge their elders by presenting them with loads of gifts and allowing them a day of rest. People take their elders out for dinner or lunch or treat them with a relishing breakfast. People whose elders are no more, pay tribute to them by giving donations or by giving free services to others.
Several cultural organizations and clubs in Ireland organize World Senior Citizens Day programs to stress on the important role played by elders in the development of the family. Besides, children are also encouraged to pay full attention and respect their elders.

South Africa

Like many countries around the world, people in South Africa also do not miss this golden opportunity to honor their elders by celebrating the World Senior Citizen’s Day. The day is celebrated in the country by marking a beautiful occasion. People express affection and love for their elders and thank them for their great guidance and support. As a tradition, children also pamper their elders by presenting gifts like flowers, neckties, gourmet gifts, cards or any other present their elders love to receive.
World Senior Citizen Day

As World Senior Citizens Day is celebrated in line with the theme of the prevailing year, people get all the opportunity to enjoy the occasion with their friends and family. Many people in South Africa go out for a fishing, picnic or just for dinner in the restaurant. Apart from private celebrations, several social and cultural societies in South Africa host World Senior Citizens Day celebrations to stress the important role played by elderly people in building and nurturing stronger society.

New Zealand

New Zealand, the beautiful island country celebrates World Senior Citizens Day with much charm and enthusiasm. Just as in several countries around the world people of New Zealand celebrate the occasion by paying tribute to senior citizens and honoring them in general. People take advantage of the day to pamper their elders with flowers, handmade cards, and chocolates. They spend quality time with elders by indulging in joyful activities with them and express their affection and love towards them in many ways.
World Senior Citizen Day

United Kingdom

World Senior Citizens Day in the United Kingdom is celebrated in a very much similar way as it is celebrated in the United States. In the UK too, World Senior Citizens Day is celebrated by people by honoring their elders and expressing love and affection for them by presenting popular gifts like flowers, cards, neckties, and chocolates.
Several cultural societies, clubs, and schools in the United Kingdom organize senior get-togethers, parties and provide people an opportunity to celebrate the day. Games add joy to such celebrations.


World Senior Citizens Day is celebrated to honor the elderly people. The event in India is celebrated in various states in the form of several activities undertaken by groups of people. The Central and State governments have been setting up measures for the welfare of such people and also to advocate for the rights of senior citizens. Concerned authorities take necessary steps to ensure elders receive the benefits they must, from the schemes.
World Senior Citizen Day

On the day, there is a focus on the lack of facilities and government support and the measures on how they can be upgraded and improved. Apart from this, certain organizations and schools organize special events on the day with various themes to spread knowledge about the day. In schools, grandparents of children are invited where special performances are organized to pay a tribute to the seniors of our nation. Special lunch is also organized for their happiness.

United States of America

World Senior Citizens Day celebrations in the USA, take place with lots of enthusiasm and gaiety. The day is observed as a time for a reunion in families, as people who are staying away from families take time out to celebrate the day with their families. Observing the day, people reflect on the invaluable role played by elders in building the character of people and in the development of the nation. On World Senior Citizen Day people of America express gratitude, love, and affection and honor their elders.

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